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MyOneManBand / BLACKFACE - ADAPTER / mono-textura (2xCD)

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Physical copies now sold out, both albums available digitally via our Bandcamp page: Adult Teeth on Bandcamp

Two albums that can be played simultaneously, or enjoyed separately!

ADAPTER is the debut album by Hull-based improvised electronica musician MyOneManBand aka Phill Wilson.

In the artist's own words: "I wanted to experiment with the notion of creating an entirely improvised album where every element of each track was played live and in one take by my own hands and with no further editing after the fact. I began to feel that, although amazing things can be accomplished in a modern recording environment, I am, personally, most interested in what can be accomplished when my samplers, synths, drum machines, controllers and grooveboxes are all treated as one large, live, solo instrument.

All work contained within this release was created during a year in which I left my native England to live in mainland Europe. My improvisations are always a reaction to my immediate surroundings and these pieces serve as a diary of my daily life during this period."


1. Bb Minor
2. E Minor
3. C# Minor
4. C# Harmonic Minor
5. C Mixolydian
6. C Major
7. Bb Major
8. Eb Major
9. D# Minor
10. C# Minor (Reprise)

mono-textura is the debut album by Hull-based improvised ambient musician BLACKFACE aka Phill Wilson.

In the artist's own words: "I have always had a fascination with the border where 'music' meets 'sound' and how the two distinctions can become close to irrelevant when they are positioned within certain contexts.

I chose to create a whole album that relied on one simple sound source (an open tuned electric guitar) to create a fixed timbre as a kind of audible 'horizon'. I then ran this simple cluster of notes into digital delays, reverbs, pitch shifters and other sound modifiers until I felt I was playing an atmosphere rather than a melody.

Each resulting live track also contains tiny fragments from my 'sound diaries', short recordings that I made over the year I spent living in Antwerp and travelling around Europe whilst writing this album. Through the combination of these elements I hope to have created something that will in years to come, continue to connect me to an important place and time in my life as well as offering an unobtrusive aural setting for other thoughts and experiments."


1. To London (Bb Minor)
2. Antwerp From The Window (E Minor)
3. Eurostar (C# Minor)
4. Sirens From The Flat (C# Harmonic Minor)
5. A Trip To Amsterdam (C Mixolydian)
6. Open Mic Night (C Major)
7. Basketball In The Park (Bb Major)
8. Cologne Bierkeller (Eb Major)
9. The Supermarket (D# Minor)
10. Paris (C# Minor Reprise)