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My Pleasure - Your House Is Made of Nothing and You Are No One (CD)


A collection of My Pleasure's singles from 2014-2015. Some of them were very well received, others were met with some indifference. Hear them all here!


1. Living With You
2. Haunted House
3. He's An Addict
4. Would You Still Love Me
5. Haircuts
6. Friends In High Places
7. I Wanna Die
8. I Don't Wanna Die
9. What's That Rattle?
10. A List Of Names

"A terrific piece of observational pop music with a wry sense of humour." — Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music

"One of the best and original indie hearings that you’d probably come across nowadays!" — Sound Injections

"My Pleasure...literally." — Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

Also available digitally via our Bandcamp, and iTunes.