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Mt. Judge — Time's Machines


The debut album by the London-based ambient musician Mt. Judge.

Influenced by Stars of the Lid, Emeralds and William Basinski, as well as the strong drone, ambient and noise movements of his former home city of Glasgow, Mt. Judge's sound echoes the subtleties of Brian Eno and Boards of Canada. His debut EP, Not Always, was picked as one of the best free releases of 2012 by Wake The Deaf. Time's Machines expands on the techniques employed therein - subtle changes in the timbre and tone pulsating and vibrating around the listener, all the while filling every corner of the room.

The cover artwork is a black-and-white photograph of Loch Ness taken in 1948, unearthed by Mt. Judge in a Glasgow charity shop. The inside cover of the album displays the reverse side of the photograph - with inked caption by the anonymous photographer; the photo developer's stamp; Blu-Tack remnants; and the price penciled on by a charity-shop volunteer. The life story of a mysterious photograph, documented on the debut release by Mt. Judge.

"Like the musical representation of the birth of life on Earth. 8/10"- Louder Than War

"Comprised of field recordings, ambient synths drones and - presumably - a whole heap of hash, listening to Mt Judge's Time's Machines feels like elegantly sinking to the bottom of the ocean." The 405


1. Time's Machines Pt. I [15:48]
2. Time's Machines Pt. II [08:45]
3. Three Months, Two Days [04:24]
4. How Readily the Present Folds Away [08:09]
5. Streams of Consciousness [17:04]

Also available digitally via our Bandcamp, and iTunes.