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James Wood — Eyes Down


A mind-boggling mix of experimentation, jazz, spoken word, soul and electronica, with a recurring motif surrounding Palestinian rights.

James Wood is a musician from Hull, England, and includes Eric Dolphy, Sarah Vaughan, Neutral Milk Hotel and Ivor Cutler among his influences. James recorded, produced and mixed the album himself and invited friends to lend their talents to the sessions. Eyes Down is his first release through a label, after previously self-releasing 3 albums and 3 EPs via Bandcamp. James also plays in the avant-garde pop band Crooks and Claridge from Huddersfield.


1. Free Marwan Barghouti [8:58]
2. God Bless the Child (after Eric) [2:56]
3. Can We Talk [03:27]
4. Newfoundland Heads the Waverley / Where Were You in '94? [7:55]
5. Doin' It for Jeff [1:08]
6. Jim (after Sarah) [4:03]
7. Nothing to See [2:54]

Also available digitally via our Bandcamp, and iTunes.