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Foolish Atoms — Songs for Insomniacs and Narcoleptics

£4.99 / Sold Out

Physical copies now sold out, both albums available digitally via our Bandcamp page: Adult Teeth on Bandcamp

The debut album by Hull-based musician Chris Norrison aka Foolish Atoms, reissued by Adult Teeth.

"[Foolish Atoms] new album...has me running around the local American Girl store screaming and p*ss*ng myself like I was seeing The Beatles as Shea Stadium...I find myself sitting, incapable of motion, barely breathing..." - SYFFAL


1. Smaller Circles
2. Captive But No Idea How
3. Desert and Dust
4. The Day My Body Died
5. Ring Out Wilder
6. Advice
7. They Plot The Experience
8. Never Meant
9. Cold Hands
10. Come Alive
11. Edison's Thugs

Also available digitally via our Bandcamp, and iTunes.