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Foolish Atoms — A Crack in the Glass Eye

£7.00 / Sold Out

Physical copies now sold out, both albums available digitally via our Bandcamp page: Adult Teeth on Bandcamp

The second album by Hull-based musician Chris Norrison, aka Foolish Atoms.

"[Foolish Atoms] new album...has me running around the local American Girl store screaming and p*ss*ng myself like I was seeing The Beatles as Shea Stadium...I find myself sitting, incapable of motion, barely breathing..." - SYFFAL

1. Bend The Arm Till It Breaks
2. How To Remain Solid Under A Sky Of Gas
3. The Swelling Truth
4. Weapons For The Dance
5. Join Cults Now
6. Temporary Acolytes
7. Spectral Co-ordinates
8. Son
9. Kicking The Engine
10. Trapping John
11. Slow Motion
12. Fiction Master
13. Universal Fielder

Also available digitally via our Bandcamp, and iTunes.